Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blogging In the Morning Helps Increase Bloggability

Tuesday Morning April 30th 2013

The Early Morning:
Every morning I wake up at five o'clock. Allot of people ask me why? I don't have to be anywhere  until eight. But, none the less I am up early in the morning.

The reason I am up early in the morning is because everything is so peaceful in the morning. I have a very busy life, I always have something to be doing or someplace to be going. But, early in the morning there's no one to tell me, I have to do this or go here.

The early morning is my time. Sometimes I write. Other times I work. But, many of the times I am up early in the morning, I simply flip on my favorite early morning radio show and watch the sunrise.

The early morning is the one time a day that no one can bother me. I am all alone and there is nothing that I need to do and no place I need to be. I can just sit and enjoy my time.

Its Not as Easy as it Seems:
But, waking up in the early morning every day isn't easy. In order to do so I must go to bed early. Granted, this works out on a normal night because I like going to be at nine or ten at night.

However, if I have a lot of work on one particular night, then I start to have troubles. So, recently someone approached me with an interesting idea.

My Revelation:
Instead of staying up late into the night to work and then getting up in the early morning to just have "me time", why not do my work in the early morning. And through this one, brilliant idea, I have changed my entire life.

By waking up in to morning even earlier to work, I now go to bed earlier and am able to get a full night's rest.

After trying this for a couple of weeks I discovered that I do my best work in the morning. My work quality was improving and I was more awake and excited for my day. Now, the early morning and night are my time.

My Words of Wisdom:
So, my suggestion to all you early birds out there, the morning is my Favorited time of the day. If that's the same for you, then you should take advantage of it by... By Reading My Blog!

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  1. You see, this is my problem.. I'm a night bird..I like to stay up waaay too late.. but I know, that I would get so much done if I got up early... This is my wish list..to wake up early everyday=) really nice post!

  2. Thanks Neja! I know exactly how you feel. Good Luck on your wish list! Subscribe and Share to your Friends!

  3. Great post...I am also a morning person and love the sun rise and the peacefulness if that is a word...laately i have gotten away from it and let's just say, I am a much happier camper when I do get up early...so thank you for reminding me tomorrow is a new day.

  4. Thank you Terri, I completely agree with you!Go Check out my new post: Bored? Well have I got a movie for you!, @http://yuppler.blogspot.com/2013/05/bored-well-have-i-got-movie-for-you.html about the Movie "The Way" and the Camino de Santiago de Compstela.

  5. I get up very early to blog too....it is nice to know that other people do this too. It makes me feel like I am not the only person out there doing this.

  6. I've been trying to wake up a little earlier some days to work on my blog, but it's difficult, because I'll inevitably end up staying up late the night before to read more books. This post makes me want to try harder, though!